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Unemployment Claims Monitoring

ISDC has contracted with PeopleSystems, a private service company, to monitor unemployment claims and employee problems.  PeopleSystems perform the following services on behalf of participating school districts in order to help them minimize their unemployment costs include the following:

  • Process all unemployment claims and protest decisions when needed;

  • Attend unemployment hearings;

  • Audit benefit charges for accuracy;

  • Ensure credits are received and properly posted;

  • Review personnel policies & procedures to limit unfavorable decisions; and

  • Provide educational workshops for management personnel.

ISDC currently has 21 school districts participating in PeopleSystems.

Contact PeopleSystems:

Customer Service Representative

Melissa Mack

Fax: 800-285-2329

Phone: 800-234-4632 ext: 194



Statewide Schools Life Insurance

The Idaho School District Council has teamed with Standard Life Insurance to offer a term life insurance program to its membership. Coverage is available from $20,000 to $100,000. Retiree, dependent and additional life insurance is also available.  CURRENT ENROLLMENT - 43 DISTRICTS/AFFILIATES



Any school district and/or affiliate  member that elects to participate under the Idaho School District Council’s Group Policy:

  1. Must be approved in writing by the Idaho School District Council and Standard Life Insurance Company and,

  2. Have fewer than 50 employees eligible for coverage under the Group Policy on the date the school district begins participating under the Group Policy.

Track Check Up Offer

For all details, please call (208) 860-1421.  This offer available to all member schools.

Tennis Court Check Up Offer

For all details, please call (208) 860-1421.  This offer available to all member schools in Regions three (3) and four (4) only.

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