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  • August 5, 2021



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The Idaho School District Council announces a vacancy for the position of executive director.  This position is up to 10 hours per week with an annual salary of $25,000.  Application deadline is April 15, 2021.


Successful candidates will be experienced in human resources, school administration, and/or non-profit management.


The Executive Director reports directly to the ISDC Board of Directors.  The primary responsibilities of the Executive Director include:  

  1. Represent the Board of Directors and the Council in all matters;

  2. Serve as a liaison with members of the Council;

  3. Serve as the chief executive officer of the Council, performing administrative duties necessary to carry out the purposes of the Council;

  4. Supervise the Council staff;

  5. Oversee the operation of the Council’s programs and budget;

  6. Facilitate the meetings of the Council, working with the Council chairman in the development of agendas;

  7. Serve as a liaison with the board of Trustees of the ISDC Self-Funded Benefit Trust.

  8. Coordinate the procurement of contracts entered into by the Council for the benefit of the membership; and

  9. Other duties as required by the Board of Directors. 

Please submit letter of interest and resume to or mail to:


Cathy Bridwell, Office Manager

Idaho School District Council

777 South Latah, Suite E

Boise, ID  83705