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2022-23 Annual Report



The Idaho School District Council has completed its fifty-first year of operation as a cooperative service agency, serving Idaho school districts and affiliate organizations. The following report is provided to the membership and is being made available on the ISDC website for review by the membership and the general public.

The staff of the ISDC includes Dale Layne who is completing his second year as the part-time ISDC Executive Director and Tammy Elsmore who began her service as Office Manager in November 2022 after the resignation of Cathy Bridwell who served in that capacity for four and a half years. Debbie Hainke, full-time Benefit Manager, who provides contracted services to the Idaho School Benefit Trust, completed her eighth year in that position. Superintendent Wade Wilson, Weiser School District, ISSA representative, served as the Chairman of the Board for the 2022-2023 term. Those serving on the Council Board of Directors were:

  • Superintendent Todd Howard, Wallace School District, Region 1 representative

  • Superintendent Dr. Michael Garrett, Orofino School District, Region 2 representative

  • Council Vice-Chair, Superintendent David Sotutu, New Plymouth School District, Region 3 representative

  • Superintendent Mark Kress, Snake River School District, Region 5 representative

  • Superintendent Shane Williams, West Jefferson School District Representative, Region 6

  • Council Chairman, Superintendent Wade Wilson, Weiser School District, ISSA representative

  • Robin Stanley, Retiree Ex-Officio Representative


Throughout the course of the year, there were many opportunities to review the various services of the Council’s operation. The Council maintained its effort of providing membership quality supplies, good service, and low prices. Business relationships with a variety of vendors were maintained.

The Council has been a visible presence as an exhibitor at the Idaho Association of School Administrators Annual Conference, the Idaho School Boards Association Annual Convention, and the Idaho Association of Business Officials Annual Conference. Through exposure at these kinds of events, the role and mission of the Council have been reinforced.

I was also able to speak to new superintendents to the state last August and have been invited back by the State Department of Education again in the fall of 2023 to inform them of the role of the ISDC.

The partnerships and endorsements continued with Blue Cross of Idaho, Dental Blue Connect
(Willamette Dental of Idaho), Standard Life Insurance, People Systems, Optimizon, Business Psychology Associates, and others. ISDC continued its established relationship with the brokerage firm, Murray Group, to assist districts with voluntary benefits. The Murray Group is also handling the Standard Life option for districts. The Murray Group also represents the Idaho School Benefit Trust.


During the 2021-2022 fiscal year, new partnerships and purchasing agreements were established with Gaggle, M2 Automation, SiteShield, and In Focus. These offerings are valuable to districts and will be offered at a reduced rate because of the partnerships that have been developed.

The Council-sponsored, Idaho School Benefit Trust, began administering to the health and dental needs of the active employees of Council members during the 2015-16 plan year. The Trust continues to be on solid financial ground, with excess reserves of approximately $6,022,701 as of August 31, 2022. The reserve amount increased to $7,003,506 at the end of February 2023. The 5-year routine audit by the Idaho Department of Insurance resulted in an excellent review.

Long time past ISDC Executive Director and ISBT board member and chairman, Mike Friend, resigned from the Trust board on March 16, 2023. Mike was instrumental in the success of the Idaho School District Council and the establishment of the Idaho School Benefit Trust. Wil Overgaard replaced Mike Friend on the ISBT Board. Wil is a retired superintendent and past ISDC board member.

The Idaho School District Council Board of Directors retains its role in the administration of the “over 65” health insurance offerings, the Dental Blue Connect offering (Willamette Dental), Standard Life, and other non-medical programs and offerings.

The membership of the ISDC for FY2023 totaled 159 members representing school districts, charter
schools, and affiliates compared to 163 the previous year.

There were 120 groups as of August 31, 2022 enrolled in one or more portions of the Idaho School
Benefit Trust Insurance Program as compared to 139 groups on August 31, 2021. 47 members/groups offered the Willamette Dental option, also known as Dental Blue Connect to their employees. Twenty groups left the ISBT so they are no longer eligible for Dental Blue Connect.

The unemployment claims monitoring program had 19 participants (FY2022, 19 participants).
Employee assistance programs, offered through BPA Health and endorsed by both the Council and Blue Cross of Idaho, were offered. The most current report indicates an eligible employee count of 4,947. There are 36 employee groups participating in the EAP program, up 8 groups from the previous year.

Standard Life Insurance, a long-time ISDC endorsee, was offered as a benefit in 33 member entities as of July 2023. (July 2022, 39 member entities) There are approximately 450 - 500 retiree life memberships from multiple different districts.

Voluntary benefits with Colonial were offered in 6 member entities as of July 2023 (July 2022, 5 member entities). $159,345 in premiums have been collected for the school year 2022/2023 and $38,167 in paid claims since 2021. Two additional schools are committed to join in September of 2023 and 3 schools pending decision to join September 2023.

This report was prepared by Dale Layne, Executive Director, and presented to the Board of Directors on August 1, 2023.

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