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ISDC Bylaws

Idaho School District Council Bylaws

Pursuant to Title 67, Chapter 23 and Title 33, Chapter 3, Sections 315-318, inclusive, of the Idaho Code, be it resolved that member school districts in the State of Idaho, do hereby establish an Idaho School District Cooperative Service Council hereinafter referred to as the Council.​

Originally Adopted:  February 8, 2001

Amendments Adopted:  January 26, 2007, August 8, 2008, September 11, 2015

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Walking to the Bus

Article I: Name and Address

The name of the agency so organized and established shall be the IDAHO SCHOOL DISTRICT COOPERATIVE SERVICE COUNCIL, dba Idaho School District Council.  The location and post office address of its registered office is 777 S. Latah, Boise, Idaho 83705.  The Board of Directors may, at any time, or from time to time, change the location of the principal office from one location to another.

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